Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump Will Lead the US Empire – The Fight Against All He Represents Begins Today

Donald Trump Will Lead the US Empire –
The Fight Against All He Represents Begins Today

Donald Trump - an ugly fascist who campaigned on promises to build a wall, deport millions of immigrants and ban Muslims from entering the US; who bragged about sexually assaulting women and more – will be the next president of the US. Everybody who opposes injustice has reason to be very concerned for the future of humanity. This concern has already erupted in angry protests, and it needs to move people to waging massive resistance to everything Trump stands for. This is not a time for conciliation or retreat; it's not a time for despair. It's a time for struggle; a time for courage.

Let's be clear. Trump, even more than his predecessors, is a grotesque representative of capitalist/imperialist America. From its birth in slavery and genocide, this system has always been a nightmare for countless millions around the world and this country. The horrors of life under this system are rooted in the very way this system operates. From the beginning this system treated Trump – the fascist blowhard - as a legitimate candidate to head the U.S. Empire. That underlines the illegitimacy of the whole damn system. The ugly infighting in the ruling class this campaign laid bare exposes a system in crisis.

A Trump presidency points to even more horrific crimes being perpetrated against humanity. Massive resistance is needed to all he represents right now. But this resistance must NOT be aimed at returning to what has been, continuing the same brutal system, its crimes and horrors.

What's necessary and possible is a totally different world for people to live in. Doing this will take revolution, nothing less. We in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are organizing right now for an actual revolution, one that overthrows this system and replaces it with a far better one. We have the leadership needed to make this revolution in Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP. We have a blueprint for the new society this revolution can create in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. And we have the strategy for making revolution in a country like this one, a strategy that is laid out in the pamphlet, “How We Can Win.

This is a time for resisting the horrors of this system, a time for taking advantage of the crisis of this system, a time to be in the streets. And it's a time for everyone who hates and wants to end the horrors people face in this country and around the world to get into the revolution.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Justice for Joshua Beal; Why Isn’t the Racist Lynch Mob in Cop-Enclave Mt Greenwood a Major News Media Story?

Nov 7, 2016
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To the Media:

Why Isn’t the Racist Lynch Mob in Cop-Enclave Mt Greenwood a Major News Media Story??

All people of conscience need to take a stand against this ugly racism and demand Justice for Joshua Beal.  

The openly white supremacist character of “Blue Lives Matter,” was revealed Sunday in Chicago as a vicious mob of hundreds of white people confronted revcoms and other protesters standing up against the police murder of Joshua Beal. Beal was murdered by an off-duty Chicago cop while he was part of a funeral procession traveling through the neighborhood of Mt Greenwood where many white cops and firefighters live.

The crowd had the feel of a lynch mob, some people wore confederate flag t-shirts, others had signs that read “animals go home,” “keep out of our town, you fucked yours up, don’t come over here,” “Justice WAS done” referring to Joshua’s murder. Some seemed overjoyed that a Black man was killed – one man was overheard saying, “this is the spot where he was killed? Let’s have a barbeque!”
But this was not only a vitriolic racist crowd, it was filled with people who identified themselves as “relatives” of cops, and every indication is that some were off-duty cops. They chanted repeatedly, “N**ger go home,” and “CPD, CPD, CPD,” joining their unmistakable white supremacist message with their support for the police terror against Black and Latino people.” It brought together the ugly reality that the foundation of this system is slavery, genocide and war and why it has to be overthrown by revolution.
Dee Williams from the Revolution Club Chicago gave this statement:
The police murder of Joshua Beal was a lynching, and this crowd was like a lynch mob of old. It made me think of footage of the racists attacking the Freedom Riders in the South in the 1960's or the racist mobs in Marquette Park here in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s. They shouted "CPD, CPD, CPD" and "Trump, Trump. Trump", a testament to what this ugly election has unearthed from the soil of Amerikkka and the enforcers of this system.  Being out there deepened the resolve of members of the Chicago Revolution Club to organize many more people into the revolution and speed up the time when we can overthrow this system of capitalism imperialism and bring a whole new world into being. All people of conscience need to take a stand against this ugly racism and demand Justice for Joshua Beal.”  

In the midst of this, a young white student and her two friends crossed the line and stood with the people protesting the murder of Joshua Beal. She held the Stolen Lives banner with pictures of dozens of people killed by police. She said: “most of my friends are on the other side, this infuriates me, they are probably really pissed at me for crossing the line, but I couldn’t take it anymore”. She continued, “I am here today for the injustice of people that just keeps happening, this racism that’s institutionalized into our homes and in our backyards, in Mt Greenwood especially. Mt Greenwood is so racist, man, we just had somebody shot…so many times…and people want to deny and say it’s not because of skin color, but what else is it? I’m ready to make a stand now, I’m ready. Before I would sit quietly, you know, maybe protest online, but now I’m ready to make my voice heard… and speak for those… amplify their voices, not speak over them, but amplify their voices. Thank you.”

The truth must be known about this outbreak of white supremacy and racist hatred needs to be met head on. People from all walks of life, and all nationalities need to take a stand. No one can stand aside. Which side are you on?

Election Day: Revcoms to Defend Right to Vote, While Organizing to Overthrow the System

7 November 2016
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On Election Day:

RevComs Mobilize to Defend the Right to Vote, While Organizing to Overthrow the System At Soonest Possible Time

Available for interviews: Carl Dix, Sunsara Taylor, Andy Zee 646 450 4701

RevComs, revolutionary communist supporters of the RCP, USA, are mobilizing to defend the rights of Black, Latino, and other oppressed people to vote across the country, even as they themselves refuse to vote and are organizing to overthrow the system at the soonest possible time.
Under the theme, "America Was NEVER Great, Overthrow -- Don't Vote -- For This System," they are on a National Get Into the Revolution Organizing Tour. As part of this, RevComs have traveled to the battle-ground states of Arizona and Ohio to prevent voter intimidation and harassment of Black people, immigrant citizens, and other oppressed people. They have put out hotlines for people to report any intimidation or harassment aimed at suppressing their vote with the promise that, “We will go there and STOP it!”
“When white supremacists bigots like Trump and other fascists mobilize to intimidate Black and other oppressed people from voting, this is an attempt to force us back to the days of lynch-mob terror and open white supremacy. This absolutely must be stopped and we will put our bodies on the line to do it,” said Carl Dix.
At the same time, in what might seem to some as counter-intuitive, Dix and the RevComs themselves do not vote and do not think that others should either. “If slaves had been allowed to vote for their slave master, they'd still be slaves. It wouldn't be 'less bad' because they had a say in who owned them. Same thing today. Picking who runs this capitalist-imperialist system of mass incarceration, police terror, violence against women, and global wars and plunder is not meaningful. What is meaningful is overthrowing this system – making a revolution and building a new society without exploitation and oppression.”
In New York City, Chicago, and other cities, they are holding public gatherings throughout election day under the theme, “America Was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow – NOT Vote For – This System!”
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