Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carl Dix Campus Speaking Tour: From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist

From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist

From the Buffalo Soldiers, former slaves who were sent off to fighting the “Indian Wars,” to Vietnam in the 60’s, to Iraq and Afghanistan today, there is a long legacy of Black youth fighting in America’s wars. Carl Dix is coming to Atlanta University Center as part of a campus speaking tour to deliver an urgent message to today’s youth, and everyone else interested in justice:

DON’T BE A BUFFALO SOLDIER – The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still about keeping the American empire in effect, not about expanding freedom and democracy, despite Obama’s “re-branding” effort. Don’t go off and kill people in other countries to expand the stranglehold of the same system that oppresses Black people in this country and people all over the world.

Carl is also issuing a challenge – he challenges anyone in the ROTC or the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars, who thinks the war in Afghanistan is any good, to come out and argue that position.

And Carl is talking about a solution – Revolution. All the problems people face around the world and here in this country stem from the way this capitalist system operates, chasing after profit for a few. We can solve all those problems by getting rid of this system through revolution, and going on to build a whole new world in place of this messed up one.

This system offers no future for youth, but the revolution does!

Thursday, October 1st, 6:30 PM
Clark Atlanta University
Thomas Cole Science and Research Center Auditorium

*Sponsored by: Political Science Department at Clark Atlanta University

More Info: nobuffalosoldier@yahoo.com