Saturday, January 21, 2017

There Is An Urgent Need — And There IS Still Time In These Next Few Days — To Prevent This Fascist Regime From Ruling

On January 20, something many said couldn't happen here did happen – a fascist regime was inaugurated: the illegitimate Trump-Pence regime. This was met by thousands of people who took to the streets in Washington, DC, and elsewhere in protest on the day of the inauguration, and by millions of women and men who marched in DC, and in cities across the country and around the world on the very next day.
This outpouring is very welcome, and these millions are totally justified in their fear, anguish and outrage at what Trump-Pence rule would mean. 
Everybody who hates what Donald Trump represents needs to get in the streets and stay in the streets. The point now isn't just to let this fascist regime know we aren't going anywhere – we need to send them somewhere, to remove them from power.
The Trump-Pence regime would be more than the sum of the many abuses and outrages it plans to perpetrate.  If it isn't prevented from ruling, it will be, as a regime, FASCIST — a blatant dictatorship relying on open terror and violence, committing atrocities against groups of people identified as “enemies,” “undesirables,” or “dangers to society.”  A Trump-Pence regime would not only be illegitimate; if allowed to go forward it could be catastrophic for humanity.
Trump has already made this clear with his fascist inaugural address, and by removing from the White House web site any mentions of climate change, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and more in less than 24 hours.
Protest is important, but more than protest is needed.  We must actually go all out, now, to prevent this regime from ruling
We must stay in the streets, and we must become millions.  Everybody needs to be part of this.  Reach out to family and friends.  If you go to school reach out to fellow students.  If you belong to a church, reach out to your congregation.  If you’re in a labor union, reach out to fellow union members.  If you’re part of social media networks, reach out to everyone you know.

These next few days will set a tone and we must NOT underestimate our ability to affect change right now.  So call on everyone to flood the streets.  Through staying in the streets and disrupting business as usual, over the next few days and into this coming week, we could together grow to millions and bring into being a major political crisis, to which all the factions in the power structure would have to react.
Stay in the streets, in DC and everywhere else.
National office phone: 917-407-1286
In DC: 213-804-1811

Friday, November 25, 2016

More on Why Dave Chappelle Is Wrong About Trump Refusing to Accept a Fascist America Is Everybody’s Problem

November 21, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

On Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle said Black people have survived worse than Donald Trump and they’ll be able to survive this too. And that Trump was white people’s problem and they should deal with it. This is straight-up wrong and very dangerous.

Trump has demonized immigrants and Muslims. He has demeaned and degraded women and boasted of sexually assaulting them. He has advocated for torturing and murdering families of people accused of terrorism. He has called climate change a hoax and promoted policies that will escalate the devastation of the planet we live on. His election has unleashed white supremacist forces to attack everybody they see as “others.”

It is incredibly narrow and selfish to say a fascist coming to power in the most powerful country in the world is “somebody else’s problem.” This is a problem for all of humanity, and everybody has a responsibility to stop this. When people stand aside while fascists come after other groups of people—it strengthens the ability of the fascists to consolidate their rule and later come after those who stood aside.

Anyone who says Trump isn’t a problem for Black people is refusing to look reality square in the face. I know Black people have caught hell in America since the first Africans were dragged to these shores in slave chains. The savage oppression they’ve been subjected to—slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynch mob terror, and today’s New Jim Crow of mass incarceration and police terror—has been built into the fabric of this capitalist-imperialist system from the beginning. Anyone who looks at this history and comes to the conclusion that Black people should just tough it out through whatever Trump might add to it has lost their goddamn mind. This savage oppression is unacceptable and illegitimate. It’s one big reason why this system should be ripped up from its foundations and replaced with a totally different and far better way for people to live, why it must be done away with through an actual revolution at the soonest possible time. If this was the only thing wrong with this system, and it’s far from the only thing wrong with it, this would be reason enough to make revolution to wipe it off the face of the earth.

I have called the current situation faced by Black people, what it comes down to, a slow genocide. But a slow genocide could become a fast one, and this is what a Trump regime is objectively moving to bring about. His election has unleashed a lynch mob mentality, with his supporters targeting immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBT people, AND Black people. Trump is appointing racists and even an outright white supremacist to his cabinet and key positions on his White House staff.

People like Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. This man called a white civil rights attorney a traitor to his race. His racism was so out there that a Senate committee headed by Republicans wouldn’t approve his nomination to be a federal judge back in the 1980s. Now he’s Trump’s pick to be the new Attorney General. Steve Bannon, who headed up the Breitbart online news site, a platform for fascist and white supremacist forces, has been picked to be the chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. Or Rudolph Giuliani who unleashed draconian and police state measures when he was mayor of New York. He was a major surrogate during Trump’s campaign and is now being considered for a cabinet post.

In a country that already offers no future for Black youth and has many of them on a track to go in and out of prison, Trump has declared he’ll be a Law and Order president and will implement stop-and-frisk throughout the country. Think of what this will mean. At the height of stop-and-frisk, the NYPD stopped tens of thousands of mostly Black and Latino people every month. They subjected them to the harassment of being stopped by the police and the humiliation of having a pig run thru their pockets in front of neighbors and strangers and worse. Every Black and Latino person in New York City knew this could be done to them at any time for no reason other than the color of their skin. And that this could end with them being brutally beaten or even murdered by the cops, even if you hadn’t done anything wrong. Then there’s Trump’s stance on the case of the Central Park 5. These were five Black and Latino men who were railroaded into prison on charges of rape in 1989. Back then Trump called for the reinstatement of the death penalty so these men could be executed. Even though the real rapist came forward and confessed and the courts found these men innocent, Trump still says the Central Park 5 should still be in jail.

What does all this say about what a Trump regime will mean for Black people? That even more savage oppression will be enforced on Black people. And this will come down as part of an overall program of demonizing immigrants and Muslims, taking the right to have an abortion away from women, and more.

This is a problem for all of humanity, and everybody who has any concern for the future of humanity needs to be a part of standing up against the horrors this will mean for the people of the world. The fact that a whole lot of people, especially large numbers of white people, have taken to the streets to reject a Trump presidency is a good thing for humanity. More people of all nationalities, including larger numbers of Black people, need to flow into the streets and join these protests and get involved in the resistance in many other ways. The future of humanity is at stake here.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump Will Lead the US Empire – The Fight Against All He Represents Begins Today

Donald Trump Will Lead the US Empire –
The Fight Against All He Represents Begins Today

Donald Trump - an ugly fascist who campaigned on promises to build a wall, deport millions of immigrants and ban Muslims from entering the US; who bragged about sexually assaulting women and more – will be the next president of the US. Everybody who opposes injustice has reason to be very concerned for the future of humanity. This concern has already erupted in angry protests, and it needs to move people to waging massive resistance to everything Trump stands for. This is not a time for conciliation or retreat; it's not a time for despair. It's a time for struggle; a time for courage.

Let's be clear. Trump, even more than his predecessors, is a grotesque representative of capitalist/imperialist America. From its birth in slavery and genocide, this system has always been a nightmare for countless millions around the world and this country. The horrors of life under this system are rooted in the very way this system operates. From the beginning this system treated Trump – the fascist blowhard - as a legitimate candidate to head the U.S. Empire. That underlines the illegitimacy of the whole damn system. The ugly infighting in the ruling class this campaign laid bare exposes a system in crisis.

A Trump presidency points to even more horrific crimes being perpetrated against humanity. Massive resistance is needed to all he represents right now. But this resistance must NOT be aimed at returning to what has been, continuing the same brutal system, its crimes and horrors.

What's necessary and possible is a totally different world for people to live in. Doing this will take revolution, nothing less. We in the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are organizing right now for an actual revolution, one that overthrows this system and replaces it with a far better one. We have the leadership needed to make this revolution in Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP. We have a blueprint for the new society this revolution can create in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. And we have the strategy for making revolution in a country like this one, a strategy that is laid out in the pamphlet, “How We Can Win.

This is a time for resisting the horrors of this system, a time for taking advantage of the crisis of this system, a time to be in the streets. And it's a time for everyone who hates and wants to end the horrors people face in this country and around the world to get into the revolution.

-- 30 --

Monday, November 07, 2016

Justice for Joshua Beal; Why Isn’t the Racist Lynch Mob in Cop-Enclave Mt Greenwood a Major News Media Story?

Nov 7, 2016
Contact: 773-329-5014

To the Media:

Why Isn’t the Racist Lynch Mob in Cop-Enclave Mt Greenwood a Major News Media Story??

All people of conscience need to take a stand against this ugly racism and demand Justice for Joshua Beal.  

The openly white supremacist character of “Blue Lives Matter,” was revealed Sunday in Chicago as a vicious mob of hundreds of white people confronted revcoms and other protesters standing up against the police murder of Joshua Beal. Beal was murdered by an off-duty Chicago cop while he was part of a funeral procession traveling through the neighborhood of Mt Greenwood where many white cops and firefighters live.

The crowd had the feel of a lynch mob, some people wore confederate flag t-shirts, others had signs that read “animals go home,” “keep out of our town, you fucked yours up, don’t come over here,” “Justice WAS done” referring to Joshua’s murder. Some seemed overjoyed that a Black man was killed – one man was overheard saying, “this is the spot where he was killed? Let’s have a barbeque!”
But this was not only a vitriolic racist crowd, it was filled with people who identified themselves as “relatives” of cops, and every indication is that some were off-duty cops. They chanted repeatedly, “N**ger go home,” and “CPD, CPD, CPD,” joining their unmistakable white supremacist message with their support for the police terror against Black and Latino people.” It brought together the ugly reality that the foundation of this system is slavery, genocide and war and why it has to be overthrown by revolution.
Dee Williams from the Revolution Club Chicago gave this statement:
The police murder of Joshua Beal was a lynching, and this crowd was like a lynch mob of old. It made me think of footage of the racists attacking the Freedom Riders in the South in the 1960's or the racist mobs in Marquette Park here in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s. They shouted "CPD, CPD, CPD" and "Trump, Trump. Trump", a testament to what this ugly election has unearthed from the soil of Amerikkka and the enforcers of this system.  Being out there deepened the resolve of members of the Chicago Revolution Club to organize many more people into the revolution and speed up the time when we can overthrow this system of capitalism imperialism and bring a whole new world into being. All people of conscience need to take a stand against this ugly racism and demand Justice for Joshua Beal.”  

In the midst of this, a young white student and her two friends crossed the line and stood with the people protesting the murder of Joshua Beal. She held the Stolen Lives banner with pictures of dozens of people killed by police. She said: “most of my friends are on the other side, this infuriates me, they are probably really pissed at me for crossing the line, but I couldn’t take it anymore”. She continued, “I am here today for the injustice of people that just keeps happening, this racism that’s institutionalized into our homes and in our backyards, in Mt Greenwood especially. Mt Greenwood is so racist, man, we just had somebody shot…so many times…and people want to deny and say it’s not because of skin color, but what else is it? I’m ready to make a stand now, I’m ready. Before I would sit quietly, you know, maybe protest online, but now I’m ready to make my voice heard… and speak for those… amplify their voices, not speak over them, but amplify their voices. Thank you.”

The truth must be known about this outbreak of white supremacy and racist hatred needs to be met head on. People from all walks of life, and all nationalities need to take a stand. No one can stand aside. Which side are you on?

Election Day: Revcoms to Defend Right to Vote, While Organizing to Overthrow the System

7 November 2016
For immediate release
contact: 646 450 4701

On Election Day:

RevComs Mobilize to Defend the Right to Vote, While Organizing to Overthrow the System At Soonest Possible Time

Available for interviews: Carl Dix, Sunsara Taylor, Andy Zee 646 450 4701

RevComs, revolutionary communist supporters of the RCP, USA, are mobilizing to defend the rights of Black, Latino, and other oppressed people to vote across the country, even as they themselves refuse to vote and are organizing to overthrow the system at the soonest possible time.
Under the theme, "America Was NEVER Great, Overthrow -- Don't Vote -- For This System," they are on a National Get Into the Revolution Organizing Tour. As part of this, RevComs have traveled to the battle-ground states of Arizona and Ohio to prevent voter intimidation and harassment of Black people, immigrant citizens, and other oppressed people. They have put out hotlines for people to report any intimidation or harassment aimed at suppressing their vote with the promise that, “We will go there and STOP it!”
“When white supremacists bigots like Trump and other fascists mobilize to intimidate Black and other oppressed people from voting, this is an attempt to force us back to the days of lynch-mob terror and open white supremacy. This absolutely must be stopped and we will put our bodies on the line to do it,” said Carl Dix.
At the same time, in what might seem to some as counter-intuitive, Dix and the RevComs themselves do not vote and do not think that others should either. “If slaves had been allowed to vote for their slave master, they'd still be slaves. It wouldn't be 'less bad' because they had a say in who owned them. Same thing today. Picking who runs this capitalist-imperialist system of mass incarceration, police terror, violence against women, and global wars and plunder is not meaningful. What is meaningful is overthrowing this system – making a revolution and building a new society without exploitation and oppression.”
In New York City, Chicago, and other cities, they are holding public gatherings throughout election day under the theme, “America Was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow – NOT Vote For – This System!”
– 30 --

Friday, October 14, 2016

America Was NEVER Great!
Overthrow—Don’t Vote For—This System!

Coming to Cities and Towns to Organize YOU into the Revolution

I'm on the Revolution National Organizing Tour 2016-201.  Here we are today in Chicago, speaking with students.
shows Chicago students what the revolution will do with this system's laws after we seize power.

Black student asks why white communist "Would are u fighting for us, when u r their color?" responds:

More on the tour

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Social Media Support for October 8 Launch of #TheNewCommunism by Bob Avakian

Social Media Support for October 8 Launch of #TheNewCommunism by Bob Avakian

Updates on the book & October 8 launch
Facebook Event for October 8 NYC

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If you don't have your ticket yet, make it happen right now. You don't want to miss this!

Come to a program to launch a pathbreaking new book by Bob Avakian: THE NEW COMMUNISM: The science, the strategy, the leadership for an actual revolution…


I invite you to join CornelWest and CarlDix in launching Bob Avakian's pathbreaking new book #TheNewCommunism on Saturday October 8 in Harlem at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. This event is for everyone agonizing about the state of the world and hungering for fundamental change. After, join us for a celebration and reception down the street at Revolution Books to raise funds to get BA's work more widely known. RSVP & get tickets here:
Sat 1:30 PM · New York

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Carl Dix, Live from Charlotte, NC:
Look, It’s Beautiful

September 23, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

Friday, September 23—Carl Dix called from Charlotte, North Carolina, and gave us the following statement as he marched in tonight’s protest:

When I saw that video of Keith Lamont Scott’s wife watching and recording her husband’s murder, it made me mad as hell—and it made me want to go rushing through Charlotte to find some people and call on them to TAKE TO THE STREETS. At first I had some trouble finding people. And then I heard people are in the streets downtown, and I rushed to catch up with them. There’s not as many people as yesterday, but it is still hundreds of people. It’s mostly a youthful crowd. Look, it’s beautiful.

There are people of different races and nationalities, and they took to the streets and started marching around shutting down downtown Charlotte. But they had an aim in mind in doing that. As they marched, they made a move to Interstate 77. The police were acting as if they were in position to try to stop this, when the move happened. The police had actually blocked the highway themselves as a way to try and keep the protesters off the highway. It did them no good. The protesters had one way to get on the highway and double-downed another. And all of a sudden, hundreds of us were on the highway, marching.

 9/24/16: Carl Dix from the Revolutionary Communist Party speaking in Charlotte, NC, at the end of a rally and march demanding justice for Keith Lamont Scott, murdered by Charlotte police. 

The people are very determined. They are angry. They are calling for the release of the tapes. They are taking up the chant “Indict, Convict, Send the Killer Cops to Jail! The Whole Damn System Is Guilty as Hell!” There’s a lot of “Black Lives Matter,” a lot of “No Justice, No Peace.” There are a lot of very determined people in the streets. And that’s needed in the face of this onslaught of police murder after police murder after police murder—and the whole system going into motion to justify it. People standing up and resisting and saying “We’re Not Gonna Take This Shit Anymore!” and meaning it and acting on it.

And the other thing that’s needed is that this has gotta be connected with the revolution. Because we need an actual revolution. We gotta get rid of the system that does this to people again and again and is responsible for all the other horrors. Because there is no way you can solve this problem within this system. It’s built into its fabric and framework. When cops kill and brutalize Black people and Latino people, it’s not rogue cops violating the procedure—it’s police doing their job.

We’ve got to hammer that home to people and bring to them that we need revolution—and that we’ve got the leadership for it in Bob Avakian (BA), and we’ve got the strategy and programmatic approach for that revolution. And we need to connect that to how we have to get organized now for an actual revolution.
I hope I’m coming through, ‘cause I’m marching along, and there’s a lot of chanting going on. People ought to give themselves a roar for what they’ve accomplished tonight. They did it, and they’re gonna keep doing it. People are chanting, “We’re young, we’re strong, we’re marching all night long.” I got a lot of determination, but I’m not that young, so I’ll see how long I can go.

But look, this is beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s important. And it’s gotta get connected to a movement for an actual revolution to get rid of the system that’s responsible for the horrors.

‘American empire treats Blacks like a conquered people’

‘American empire treats Blacks like a conquered people’ 

RT September 22, 2016 
"The thing is the police have been unleashed by the system to brutalize and even murder people and then when people refuse to continue accepting it, the police are unleashed to crush them standing up... The police are killing us, and everything that the system says you are supposed to do, people have done: they have elected officials who they thought would stop it, they have tried to get body cameras, they’ve held town hall meetings; tried to get reforms passed and still police continue to kill people and get away with it no matter how horrific the circumstances. And then they tell people, “Wait for the investigation.” But what is there to investigate? In Tulsa, Oklahoma the man had his hands up on the car and they shot him and they are saying “wait for us to investigate” and told outright lies that contradicted by the video. In Charlotte, they are saying “We have a policy that we can’t release the video.” So you should believe the police story until you learn different. But why should we believe them if they lie all the time?" - Carl Dix, founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22 2016                                                                                       Contact 646 450 4701

Once More, Lying, Murdering Pigs Run Amok
What Time Is It?

Time and Past Time to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution

From the Revolutionary Communist Party, posted on
Tulsa... Charlotte... Columbus... How long?
People have tried all the “solutions” this system says work: a Black president. Campaigning for candidates. More police training. The “Department of Justice.” White House conferences. Body cameras. Lawsuits. Community policing.
None have stopped police murder after murder after murder. They won’t work. They can't work. Because police murder is built into this system.
If you didn't believe that when you saw it in Ferguson and Staten Island, the system has showed you again and again and again. When they murdered Freddie Gray in Baltimore...Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge...Philando Castile in Minneapolis-St. Paul...and now Tyre King, Terence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott, and countless others all over this goddamn country.
What do we do?
"It is very important that people rise up and refuse to accept the continual murder of people, particularly Black people as well as Latinos, by police—this, and the other outrages and atrocities continually perpetrated by this system..., cannot go down without people fighting back and rocking back the powers-that-be. But this must be built toward revolution—an actual revolution that overthrows this system at the soonest possible time—because there is no solution to these outrages under this system, and as long as we live under this system, this will go on...and on. There is a way that we can make a real revolution—and bring into being a radically different and better society: we have the strategy, program, and leadership for this revolution, in the work of BA and the Party he leads, the Revolutionary Communist Party..."
Come to the website and find out “HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution” and what we need to do now. Find out more and get organized into this revolution.
Carl Dix is in Charlotte NC and available for interviews 646 450 4701

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terence Crutcher Executed For Having Stalled Car While Black Oklahoma Pigs Murder Black Motorist!—This Must Stop!

Look at the video of the police executing Terence Crutcher. Look at how they walk him over to his car with his hands up and make him assume the position with his hands on his car. And look at how they tase him and gun him down for nothing.

And it’s even worse than it looks. Terence wasn’t involved in any criminal activity. His car stalled on the road. There was no reason to treat him as anything other than a motorist who needed help, but these pigs saw him as a dangerous suspect. A pig in a helicopter hovering above the scene said he looked like “a bad dude.” And as someone they had a license to murder. The pig who fired the kill shot was on her radio saying she wasn’t getting cooperation from Terence even tho’ the video shows him walking with his hands up back to his car. And a police spokesperson gave their official statement to the press which was full of lies to try to justify this murder. She claimed Terence refused to cooperate with officers and reached into his car as why they had to gun him down.

Look at this video and tell me why anyone should believe anything the pigs say about why they brutalize and murder people. Or why we should listen when the authorities tell us to wait for the investigation to be concluded; or rely on the Justice Department to get justice.
Tell me why we should listen when Obama tells us about all the progress Black people have made in this country. Back in the day, white people in the South used to hurry to not miss it when the KKK had announced they were going to lynch a Black person. Look at those pigs in the video racing onto the road and drawing their guns so they could get in on this modern day lynching. All that’s changed is the color of the uniforms worn by those carrying out the lynchings.

This must be STOPPED! What will it take to do that? This is a presidential election season, and I can guarantee you that whoever ends up in the White House, this system will keep unleashing its police to brutalize and murder Black people. Body cameras on police? We’ve seen videos of police killing people – Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Gilbert Flores and many others, and still police kill people again and again; and the system exonerates them when their murderous deeds get dragged into the light of day. These pigs in Tulsa knew their actions were being recorded, and they still murdered Terence.

It’s going to take revolution to end this horror once and for all. We have to get rid of the system that needs to have its front line enforcers out there enforcing terror on people that it has no future for. No future except engaging in some hustle to try to survive, incarceration, fighting and killing each other or being murdered by the cops. We should live in a world where those entrusted with public security would sooner lose their own lives than kill or injure an innocent person. It’ll take revolution, nothing less, to bring that kind of world into being.
        And we in the RCP are organizing for an actual revolution right now. In Bob Avakian (BA) we have a leader who knows how to make revolution and has developed a vision of the kind of world we could create thru making revolution. If you want to see this and all the other horrors this system enforces on people around the world and in this country ended once and for all, you need to become part of this revolution.

You need to read BA’s book, THE NEW COMMUNISM, and other works by him, you need to run with the Revolution Club, spreading the word that we have the leadership, the science, the strategy and program, and the basis for organizing people for an actual revolution, and in Fighting the Power, and Transforming the People, for Revolution, mobilizing people to fight back whenever the system perpetrates atrocities on the people.

A Basic Point of Orientation:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Colin Kaepernick Put It on the Line Against the National Anthem

What Will You Do?

August 28, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick called it right when he refused to stand up for the national anthem, saying: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in the flag of a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.”

What is there to celebrate about the history of America? It being founded on stealing the land from the native inhabitants? It developed its wealth and power based on the enslavement of Black people? The invasions of Mexico and many other countries in the Caribbean and South America? What is there to celebrate in what America does today? The way women are subjected to disrespect and brutality? The massive deportation raids that tear families apart and disappear people? The wars for empire that devastate countries and force people to flee their homelands? America is not now and never was great! Kaepernick took a heroic stand when he said he wasn’t going to show pride in this country while the bodies of Black people killed by police pile up in the streets.

What about you?

Kaepernick put a lot on the line in making this stand. Sports figures who have refused to go along with enforced patriotism and worship of America in the past have paid a heavy toll. Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight boxing championship when he refused induction into the U.S. army because he saw that the real enemy of Black people was in this country, not the poor people in Vietnam fighting to free their country. For taking this stand, they stripped him of his heavyweight boxing championship, which cost him millions of dollars he could have earned. Even knowing this, Kaepernick said, “If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Kaepernick is putting a whole lot on the line, and he’s doing the right thing! We must ALL have his back.

The killing will not stop just because people tweet about it, or because they grumble about it when yet another video of a modern-day lynching by police hits the news. People have to put themselves on the line. Even when the risk is great. I learned this 46 years ago when I refused to go to Vietnam and kill for this country. I was sentenced to two years in military prison for this, but I kept my humanity—and helped stop a genocidal war.

Colin Kaepernick saw the video of the police murder of Alton Sterling. In response, he said: “This is what lynchings look like in 2016! Another murder in the streets because the color of a man’s skin, at the hands of the people who they say will protect us. When will they be held accountable?” And he took a bold stand to stop this from happening again and again. You have seen the videos of police gunning people down, beating them to death, tasing and choking them to death. What are YOU going to do? What are YOU going to put on the line to stop this genocide?


Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016
Media Advisory
Contact: 347 450 4701
Interviews available with Carl Dix

Carl Dix Responds to Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn over Police Murder

Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn has blamed people associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) for violence against police Sunday night. No, pig chief Flynn – people in Milwaukee rose in rebellion after a cop killed Sylville Smith because they were enraged at the harassment, brutality and even murder inflicted on Black people there. And they are right to stand up and say NO MORE to this state sponsored violence.
We in the RCP stand with the people who are fighting the power today to STOP the terror police inflict on Black people, and we work to transform the people for revolution, which is what's needed to end this and all the other horrors this system enforces on people in this country and around the world.
Pig Chief Flynn also tells us that the cop who killed Sylville Smith acted “within lawful bounds.” This system has also told us that the cop who murdered Dontre Hamilton acted within “lawful bounds;” that the cop who murdered Tamir Rice in Cleveland acted within “lawful bounds;” that the cops who murdered Freddie Gray in Baltimore acted within “lawful bounds;” and I could go on and on listing murdering cops who have been exonerated by this system.
A system that gives its stamp of approval to wanton police terror is absolutely illegitimate. It's been around too long and needs to be gotten rid of through revolution. In a revolutionary society, as Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP, has said, “...[W]e would sooner have one of our own people’s police killed than go wantonly murder one of the masses.”
We in the RCP are organizing right now for an actual revolution to get rid of this system and bring into being the kind of society where the kind of state sponsored brutality being inflicted today would be no more.


Milwaukee Explodes in Righteous Rebellion as
Police Kill Again!

August 14, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |
Saturday night people in Milwaukee poured into the streets in rebellion after police gunned down another Black man. The authorities wasted no time in demonizing the person gunned down, 23-year-old Sylville Smith—saying that he was armed and had a lengthy criminal record—trying to justify the murderous actions of their cops. But still people took to the streets, in the face of cops flooding the neighborhood armed to the teeth and even shooting at people to try to force them to disperse. People have righteously defended themselves in the face of this savage pig violence.

This rebellion is right on time. Despite police wearing body cameras, despite Department of Justice reports that expose the racism and abuse in police departments across the country, despite commission meetings and talk of reforms, police continue to kill people again and again. And the whole system continues to exonerate the killer cops when their murderous deeds get dragged into the light of day. People in Milwaukee have refused to accept this state-sponsored murder in silence, and they are right to do so. And everyone who stands for justice must have their backs.

This spirit must be built on and spread. In order to end the horror of police getting away with murder, it has to become part of an actual revolution; one that overthrows this system, defeating and dismantling its institutions of violent suppression, and brings into being a totally different and far better system. We need to live in a world where those responsible for public security would sooner lose their own lives than kill or injure an innocent person. It'll take a revolution to bring that kind of world into being.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is organizing right now for that actual revolution. The Party is preparing the ground—influencing people and society as a whole toward revolution and toward fighting the outrages of society… the Party is preparing the people—raising people's sights to the different world that is possible and the leadership we have in Bob Avakian and the Party he leads to realize that world… and preparing the vanguard—getting ready for the time when millions can be led to go for revolution, all-out, with a real chance to win.

If you hate seeing police murder Black people and others again and again, if you want to see a world where this horror is no more, get with the RCP and the ACTUAL revolution it is organizing! Go to and join with the Revolution Club. Get organized for an actual revolution!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Carl Dix on Megyn Kelly Live July 11, 2016

Carl Dix spoke as part of the Megyn Kelly Town Hall on "Policing and Black Lives Matter"

on Fox News July 11, 2016, in the wake of police killings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, and of Philando Castile in Minneapolis.