Friday, February 21, 2014

Invitation from Carl Dix: 

In response to the refusal of the Florida court to convict Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis and to mark 2 years since the vigilante murder of Trayvon Martin, I invite you to join a delegation to Jacksonville, FL, on Wednesday, February 26. A delegation that includes well known people will shine a spotlight on this outrageous verdict and on the nationwide response being made to it on February 26 all over the country. This delegation will send an important message that the young Black men who are being told by society that they must live their lives with a bulls-eye on their backs are not alone in wanting to see this ugly reality ended. We will let parents, who fear their children may not return safely when they leave the house in the morning, know there are others who share their concern. And it will encourage everyone with an ounce of justice in their hearts to join in saying NO MORE to racist murder of Black youth.

The delegation will hold a press conference at noon and participate in a rally at 4 PM in downtown Jacksonville and other activities. In the next few days, those involved in the delegation can speak publicly about why we are going to Jacksonville. People who support the delegation could contribute generously to making it possible for the delegation to happen.

I urge you to consider joining this delegation. 

Carl Dix

eMail: * Phone: 646-571-8504