Saturday, August 23, 2014

For immediate release August 23, 2014

Revolutionary Leader Carl Dix Says Peoples' Defiance of Police Murder of Michael Brown is not the Problem: Keep Fighting What Needs to Be Fought

Carl Dix released this today in Ferguson, Missouri:

Carl Dix being arrested at protest of Michael Brown's murder. Ferguson MO, August 18, 2014

“A narrative has developed in Ferguson that the defiance of some of the people here is the problem. According to this narrative, if everyone would just go along with the orders of the police, echoed by so-called “community leaders,” to behave, be quiet, bow down and let the system do its job, everything would be fine.
This story is untrue, and it is aimed at shifting the terms from Justice for Michael Brown, which means indicting the cop, firing police chief Jackson, and an immediate open accounting of the murder. Instead the terms are shifted to maintaining order, an order that has brutal suppression of Black people built into it.

The defiance people in Ferguson have displayed in response to Michael’s murder is a good thing. I am all the way down with that defiance and it must be continued. The only reason people are talking about Michael Brown around the world and know that he was murdered is because the people of Ferguson, especially the youth, poured into the streets to demand “Justice for Michael Brown.”
I challenge the youth and everyone else who felt punched in the gut when they heard of Michael’s murder and who hate the outrages of this system: Keep fighting what needs to be fought, and as you do that raise your heads further and think about the source of all these problems and what must be done to end them once and for all. And get with the movement for revolution that the Revolutionary Communist Party is building.

We have a strategy to win, we have an organization that's down for this, and we have a leader, Bob Avakian (BA), who is showing the way forward. Get with this movement for revolution and be part of preparing the ground and the people for the time when a revolution that could end these horrors once and for all could be made.”

Carl Dix is a co-founder, with Dr. Cornel West, of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. He is a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party. From opposing the Vietnam War inside the US military in the 1960’s to fighting to stop m,ss incarceration and police terror, Carl has spent his life opposing injustice. He issued a statement condemning the police murder of Michael Brown that has circulated widely in Ferguson. Along with Dr. West, Carl put out the Call for the October 2014 Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Follow @Carl_Dix Email:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For Immediate Release: August 19: Carl Dix, Arrested in Ferguson

For Immediate Release - August 19, 2014,

Contact: (Ferguson) Travis Morales 713 240 3192
Debra Sweet (NYC) 718 809 3803

Carl Dix, Arrested in Ferguson, Called “Outside Criminal Element,” Says Systematic Police Brutality & Murder is Criminal, Not Peoples' Protest

“There are no 'outsiders' in the struggle for justice and liberation,” said Carl Dix on his release from St. Louis County Jail this morning.

“The criminal actions in Ferguson come from the police who brutalize and murder people, not from people who have stood up and refused to accept that subjugation, or from people like myself who came from other cities to support them.”

Dix, of New York City, is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and is the co-founder, with Dr. Cornel West, of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

“I came to Ferguson to stand with people who had poured into the streets after the murder of Michael Brown, and were demanding justice and refusing to silently suffer this abuse any longer. We want the cop who shot Michael indicted, Police Chief Jackson fired, and the authorities to stop hiding the information about Michael's murder. Because people defiantly refused to be stopped by curfews, National Guard deployment, and states of emergency, the whole world now knows about the unjust murder of Michael Brown.”

Dix, who says that he was extracted for arrest from a sidewalk crowd he was speaking to, was among 78 people, including media, arrested Monday as police declared protest “unlawful assembly,” and used tear gas, sound cannons, stun grenades, and pointed assault weapons at protesters holding their hands in the air.

Dix is available for interviews in Ferguson.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Follow Up on Delegation to Jacksonville FL

February 24, 2014


I wrote many of you previously to urge you to join me on a delegation to Jacksonville, Florida, on February 26, two years since the vigilante murder of Trayvon Martin and 11 days since a Florida court refused to convict Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis. The role of this was to shine a spotlight on nationwide resistance being manifested on this day as hundreds of people in cities across the country gather at the seats of power and influence in hoodies and holding targets to say NO MORE to the murder of Black youth.

Juanita Young (she’s the mother of Malcolm Ferguson who was murdered by a NY cop in 2000.  She has been a leader in the movement to stop police brutality ever since) and I are going on this delegation, and I’m writing now to urge you to join us. It will make a real difference if people whose voices have impact in society are in Jacksonville with us. It will send a message to the youth who live their lives with a bulls-eye on their backs that there are people who will stand with them in opposition to this; and to parents who fear that when their children leave the house in the morning they may not return safely that others share their concerns.

I again urge you to, if at all possible, join us on this delegation. If you can’t possibly do this, it will make a difference if you (1) Issue a statement or speak to the media in support of those who will be saying, We Are All Trayvon Martin; We Are All Jordan Davis; on February 26. (2) Contribute generously to help deal with the expenses of the delegation. [You can make a tax deductible contribution by writing a check to: The Alliance for Global Justice and putting Stop Mass Incarceration Florida delegation in the memo line.] (3) Spread the word on February 26:  Here are links to a video Cornel West and I issued calling on people to act on February 26: ; and to a statement on the Jordan Davis case I issued right after the verdict: .

You can get back to me on this via e mail at or by calling me at (347) 423-8854.

Carl Dix

Friday, February 21, 2014

Invitation from Carl Dix: 

In response to the refusal of the Florida court to convict Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis and to mark 2 years since the vigilante murder of Trayvon Martin, I invite you to join a delegation to Jacksonville, FL, on Wednesday, February 26. A delegation that includes well known people will shine a spotlight on this outrageous verdict and on the nationwide response being made to it on February 26 all over the country. This delegation will send an important message that the young Black men who are being told by society that they must live their lives with a bulls-eye on their backs are not alone in wanting to see this ugly reality ended. We will let parents, who fear their children may not return safely when they leave the house in the morning, know there are others who share their concern. And it will encourage everyone with an ounce of justice in their hearts to join in saying NO MORE to racist murder of Black youth.

The delegation will hold a press conference at noon and participate in a rally at 4 PM in downtown Jacksonville and other activities. In the next few days, those involved in the delegation can speak publicly about why we are going to Jacksonville. People who support the delegation could contribute generously to making it possible for the delegation to happen.

I urge you to consider joining this delegation. 

Carl Dix

eMail: * Phone: 646-571-8504