Friday, March 15, 2013

By Carl Dix

16 year old Kimani Gray, gunned down by cops who shot him 7 times, 3 times in his back!  Immediately, the authorities spread stories that Kiki pointed a gun at the cops.  The mayor said “all indications” are that his death was justifiable homicide.  WE SAY BULLSHIT!  THIS WAS MURDER; committed by the same police department that murdered Shantel Davis, Tamar Robinson, Ramarley Graham, Reynaldo Cuevas and many more.

How long must we bury our children who were murdered by the cops?  This has to stop!  It’ll take Revolution-Nothing Less to end this, and all the other horrors this system brings down on people here and around the world, once and for all.  And people need to stand up now and say NO MORE to police murder.

The days when this system and its enforcers can do whatever they want to people, when people are not inspired and organized to stand up and resist their attacks and build up the strength to end them once and for all; those days must be ended, and they can be!

People were right to take to the streets following Kimani’s murder!  The “outsiders” who should be condemned are the pigs who murdered Kiki, not the people who stood up and fought back.  The charges against all those arrested in the protests MUST be dropped!

We need more resistance to the attacks the system brings down on us.  Join in building that resistance.  And get with the movement for revolution.  Join it in Fighting The Power, and Transforming The People, for Revolution; and help bring closer the day when police murder, and all the other attacks the system brings down on the people, are  NO MORE!

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