Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Message from Carl Dix about April 11th at Harlem Stage

April 3, 2011

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to give you a chance to be a part of what promises to be a wonderful event. At 7 PM on Monday, April 11th, at the HarlemStage on the campus of the City College of New York, “On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics; A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a Whole New World.” This celebration is bringing together an amazing array of people -- artists, intellectuals and activists. (See below.)

If you are one of the growing numbers of people who are dissatisfied with the state of the world and inspired by the risings of people in North Africa and the Middle East, you need to be a part of this celebration. If you are in or can get to New York City on April 11th, buy a ticket and experience this celebration. If you absolutely can’t get to New York on April 11th, help make this event as powerful as it can be.

  • Spread the word on it -- tell everyone you know, send it out to your e list, put it on your blog, do everything you can to make sure this celebration of revolution touches as many people as possible.
  • Make a generous contribution to this effort. Money is needed to offset the expenses of the event and to purchase tickets for high school students and people from the projects.
  • Help spread the reverberations of this event. Let us know if you can post a report on the celebration or get it into the media.
  • Get a copy of BAsics, the new book of quotations and short essays by Bob Avakian, read it and let me know what you think of it.

In this tense and intensifying world situation, a celebration of revolution is sorely needed. I believe the publication of BAsics provides a great occasion to celebrate.

Revolutionary Greetings,

                                                            Carl Dix

For more information on performers, artists and speakers, and to purchase tickets: or

On the Occasion of the Publication of Basics
A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World
April 11th, 7pm, at the HarlemStage at Aaron Davis Hall on
the Campus of the City College of New York