Sunday, February 06, 2011

New! From Bob Avakian!

We are excited to hear, and want to share with you, the following spoken word piece from Bob Avakian.  Something new and fresh!  We encourage you to listen and share it with one and all.


from Bob Avakian,  listen online today

Listen to this spoken word piece HERE.
Check this out, and help spread it:
  1. Download and play this in neighborhoods, schools, everywhere.
  2. Post the link on your Facebook, Twitter and blog. Review through StumbleUpon and Reddit. Post it on other websites you visit.
  3. Send this to everyone you know, through e-mail, text messages, and online social media.
  4. Play it, where appropriate, at open-mics and other events.
  5. Request it on the radio, and tell them where they can download it.
Write to with your ideas.
The full URL to listen and share ALL PLAYED OUT is: