Friday, July 30, 2010

"Put Revolution On The Map" National Fundraising Web-a-thon, Aug. 8th


Sunday, August 8
4-10 pm EST / 1-7pm PST

Fundraising Web-a-thon to "Put Revolution On The Map" #2
Hosted by Annie Day, Will Reese & Sunsara Taylor

Back by popular demand and real necessity, on Sunday, August 8, the campaign around "The Revolution We Need... The Leadership We Have" will hold a second fundraising web-a-thon, from 4pm - 10pm, EST.

Every week the headlines scream out at us that we need a radically different world. Thursday, July 29th, Arizona will begin enforcing an unjust, immoral, and unconstitutional law that threatens the lives of immigrants. Yesterday, 90,000 secret military documents that paint a devastating picture of the brutal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan were leaked from inside the U.S. military. The cop who shot Oscar Grant in the back as he was detained, lying face down on a subway platform, killing him, was convicted only of "involuntary manslaughter" showing the reality behind the "post-racial society."

This is not the best of all possible worlds and we do not have to live this way! We are building a movement for revolution, now, and you should be a part of this.

So, start organizing your friends to watch together on Sunday August 8. Spread this email to your lists, make a donation and challenge your friends to match it and join the movement for revolution.

On June 20, several hundred people watched the first webathon. 160 people donated and we surpassed met the goal. $10,048 has been raised. This was a success and showed the potential of "giving people the means to become part of this revolutionary movement, and organizing into this movement everyone who wants to make a contribution to it, who wants to work and fight, to struggle and sacrifice, not to keep this nightmare of a world going as it is but to bring a better world into being." [From Message and Call]

This time, with your help spreading the word and challenging others to donate we want to triple the number of people who watch online, and double the number of donors. Our goal is to raise $12,000 towards special projects to popularize Bob Avakian's leadership, including:
online advertising of The Revolution Talk; New York City "Revolution in the Park" outdoor film series; initial promotion and publication of BAsics; and more.

Check out the schedule and get your friends organized to watch. Tune in for special topics; design your own appeals based on this schedule:

4-5 EST / 1-2 PST Introduction; We Are Building a Movement for Revolution

5-6 EST / 2-3 PST Make Bob Avakian a Household Name: Hear the Revolution Talk & More on BAsics

6-7 EST / 3-4 PST A Capitalist Oil Spill: A System Not Fit to Be Caretaker of the Planet, And the Revolution We Need! featuring Raymond Lotta

7-8 EST / 4-5 PST Prisoners Connect with the Revolution
Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund programming

8-9 EST / 5-6 PST Arizona Freedom Summer featuring Travis Morales & Why Do People Come here? by Bob Avakian

9-10 EST / 6-7 PST The Revolution We Need; The Leadership We Have
So, hold the date, make your plans, and tune in on Sunday August 8!
Instructions for tuning in at "Put Revolution on the Map" next week.

Some ways in which proceeds from the June 20 webathon spread revolution:

Detroit: A billboard high over inbound I-75, and also right in sight of thousands of commuters leaving Detroit on a major street announced the Revolution Talk by Bob Avakian. As thousands of participants in the US Social Forum poured into the city, they got the Message & Call; they had a chance to hear deep and varied presentations from Revolution newspaper correspondents, learn that the revolution is real, and join Carl Dix and others standing with the people in the wake of the police execution of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

Arizona Freedom Summer: "We don't have an immigration problem. We have a capitalist problem!" Their call says, "Come join us in Arizona. This is a summer of resistance and revolution. Come with a spirit of defiance and a determination to stop the ugly white supremacy and repression being put into law and unleashed on immigrants and anyone that "looks illegal!" SB 1070, the fascist anti-immigrant law, goes into effect in Arizona on Thursday July 29. Carloads are going to join the protests now, and to spread Revolution. Reporter's notebook from Arizona Freedom Summer.