Thursday, November 05, 2009

Vietnam Era Veteran Brings Revolutionary Message to Houston, November 11th

From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist

In a time of war abroad, economic dislocation and continuing oppression in the US, Carl Dix is coming to Houston, and he's on a mission. On Nov 11th, he will speak at Texas Southern University (TSU) on the theme of "From Buffalo Soldier to Revolutionary Communist." Carl will deliver 2 challenges and talk about the real way out of the madness the country and the world is confronted with today.

*Carl challenges anyone in the ROTC, the American Legion, the VFW, anyone, who believes the war in Afghanistan is, as President Obama has called it, "a good war," to come out and make that case. But he warns any takers that they better come armed with facts and analysis because he's going to tell the truth about the murderous war the US is waging there.

*Carl challenges anyone who believes the election of Barack Obama, the 1st Black president, means America has turned the corner on its legacy of inflicting brutal oppression on Black people to come out and make that case, too. Again, any takers need to be ready to talk about what's really going on because it's too late and too much is at stake to be talking falsely.

Carl Dix has the experience to speak to these questions. In the 1960's he was drafted into the US military and given orders to go to Vietnam, but he refused those orders and was sentenced to 2 years in Leavenworth military penitentiary. This stand put him on the path to becoming a revolutionary and a communist, a path he remains on today. And it has great relevance for today's youth who face a similar question--should they go kill people for this system, and maybe be killed themselves.

Recently Carl participated in a historic dialogue with Cornel West of Princeton University on "The Ascendancy of Obama ...and The Continued Need for Resistance and Liberation." Before a packed house in Harlem, Carl and Cornel exchanged perspectives on the meaning and significance of America electing its 1st Black president and what needed to be done to continue to advance the fight against injustice in this country and around the world. And now Carl is on this tour. At TSU, Carl will deliver a revolutionary message--that the world doesn't have to be this way, and that thru making revolution it would be possible to end the wars, the torture and government spying, the starvation and disease humanity is forced to endure today.

Carl says, "If you like what's going down in the US and around the world, you should come out and explain why any rational human being would feel that way. And if you hate all the misery, brutality and indignity the capitalist system is enforcing on the planet, you should come out and engage in the conversation about why all this continues to happen and what must be done to end it once and for all.

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