Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nothing Short of Revolution Can Deal With the Problems this System Forces Black People to Endure!


Not only does Bush hate Black people -- he and the Christian Fascists grouped around him have a program that has murderous implications for Black people! Look at it: Jobs have been sucked out of the Black community and at the same time more Black people than ever are being locked down in jail! Hospitals are being shut down in the inner cities as health and welfare benefits are being cut to the bone and more and more people, especially more Black and Latino people, are dealing with diseases like diabetes and AIDS. As the economy shifts to being more hightech-based, public education is being degraded, resulting in millions of Black youth being tossed on the scrap heap.

To get a clear sense of what this system has in store for Black people, look at the government response to Hurricane Katrina. Tens of thousands of people, most of them Black and almost all of them poor, were left to die in the wake of Katrina. When people did what was needed to save their own and others' lives, Bush led the charge, calling them "looters and criminals." One of Bush's Louisiana Republican allies said: "We've been trying to clean up public housing for years. Now God has done it for us with this hurricane!"

If these were the only foul things this system was responsible for, it would be reason enough to want to get rid of it once and for all through revolution. But there's much, much more. War and occupation in Iraq. Backing Israel to the max as it kills and maims people in Lebanon and Palestine. Undermining and even taking away rights that people thought they had won decades ago. Enforcing a repressive agenda that has many people smelling the odor of a police state. The Bush crew has their sites set on nothing less than enforcing a fascist theocracy, a government where the Bible as interpreted by suckers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson is the law of the land, a set-up where abortion is outlawed and gay people are in camps or worse.

Nothing short of revolution can deal with all this once and for all. Revolution -- meaning millions of people rising up and taking away from these capitalist rulers the power to inflict brutality and misery on countless millions here and worldwide, and going on to build a whole new world on the ashes of this messed up one. The Democrats can't be relied on to mount any serious or effective resistance to all this. The best you can expect from them are half-hearted objections and minor amendments.

This is the starting point of the message being delivered by a project called the Revolutionary Communist Tour. Carl Dix, Joe Veale and Clyde Young are on this tour. They are three veteran revolutionary communist leaders who have lived through the hell this system forces Black people to endure and have come out of it leading the fight to get rid of this system. In addition to indicting this system for the crimes it commits against Black people, and everything else foul it does, they argue that proletarian revolution and communism can deal with the problems imperialism has caused for so many worldwide. see note below They expose how the rulers of this country have lied to people about what communism is and what it has accomplished when working people held power in the Soviet Union and China, before both those countries were taken back down the capitalist path. This Tour also introduces people to Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a leader who has re-envisioned the communist future and the way to realize it.

The Tour challenges Black people and others to break with all the things that hold people back from taking responsibility to bring a different future into being. It challenges men to stop dogging and degrading women. It calls on the youth to break out of the gangster, bling-bling "look out for #1" mentality. It says people got to stop looking for some "god" to take care of our problems, or saying that "whatever happens is his will" and there's nothing we can do about it. It calls out the Black preachers who are skinning and grinning with Bush's Christian Fascist crew, selling out Black people to the Bush regime's murderous agenda in exchange for a spot at the "faith-based" funding trough. People who are tired of the hell this system forces millions to endure have to break with all this crap and join the emancipators of humanity.

This tour has already hit LA, Chicago, Houston and Washington, DC, and it's coming to New York. To set up interviews with the speakers or for more information call: (866)841-9139 x2670. Or e mail the Revolutionary Communist tour at: